Exceed Season 6 Design

A number of fans have asked "how did you go about designing Season 6?" Today, I'd like to share some of the details with you.

Character Preview: Taokaka

Hey, folks! With Season 5 on the horizon, we’ve asked D (aka tirankin) to give us insight into the season, it’s mec...

Character Preview: Carl Clover

Carl is a puppet character: he manipulates two cards in the arena instead of one. This makes him more complex than most fighters, though his overall strategy is straightforward. He's recommended for players who are comfortable in their understanding of the rules and enjoy manipulating their position in the arena for maximum damage.

Character Preview: Nine the Phantom

Nine is a technical mixed-range zoner who relies on strong fundamentals in order to set up overwhelming late-game payouts. Nine can modify her unique deck structure during play, optimizing her capabilities to suit her current opponent! Nine is the most complex fighter in the season. She has more unique cards than anyone, but a smaller deck size, and she has to plan carefully to avoid running out of options. She's recommended for experienced players who enjoy elaborate card combos and the feeling of attaining mastery over their fighter. Players who thrive on developing unique strategies will find their own ways to bring Nine's unmatched arcane abilities under their control!

Delay Announced for BlazBlue Exceed

Due to unusual port congestion this holiday season, BlazBlue Exceed will not be delivered during 2020 as previously anticipated. Based on reports from our partners who are in charge of importing and fulfilling the game, we are announcing a new target delivery date of April 20, 2021.
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