Malicious Expansion

A new expansion to the hit Dead by Daylight™: The Board Game.

Features 3 new Killers and 4 new Survivors.

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If you like the sound of a tight race to deliver goods with a magical twist, check out Empyreal. This is Trey Chambers magnum opus until he outdoes himself again!


This is a euro that does things that no other in my collection, and it has earned a permanent spot on my shelf because of it.


Never have seen a game with so much creativity. It just does a great job of giving that TCG feel. It’s three games in one, but they mesh so well. This game is literally a one of kind experience - it's definitely something every gamer should own!


With lightning fast game play and beautiful anime visuals, Bullet♡ really feels like the perfect board game for all those who grew up playing bullet hell shooters in the arcades. Frantic intense fun for a group, and one of my favourite games to play solo.

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