Level 99 Experience

A game is incomplete until it is played. You and your friends are the final component that turns all the paper and plastic in a box into a real game!

Games are all about bringing people together and increasing happiness and joy in the world. If you find that joy inside a Level 99 Game, please share it!

Share a photo or video of you and your friends playing a game from Level 99 Games, and we’ll send you a special reward!

If you’re interested in participating, just send us an email with the button below and include a link to a social media post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social platform of your choice. The post you link should include:

  • a short video of you and your friends playing or talking about your experience with a Level 99 game, or;

  • a photo of you at the table with a Level 99 game and a few words of review. Ideally, we’d love to see your face!

... and we'll send you $25 off of your next purchase from the Level 99 Games Online Store!

Disclaimer: We may use any submitted video, photos, or words as testimonials on our product pages or advertising. By submitting a testimonial, you agree to the use of your name and likeness for these purposes. We respect your privacy and will not publish your full name, contact, or other personal information. Participation in the Level 99 Experience Program is limited to once per household. Level 99 Games reserves the right to refuse any submission it deems inappropriate.

I’d also like to share two experiences that we’ve received from fans around the world so far!

“Covid 19 appeared and my mother came to home to help us baby-sit the kids (since schools are closed). So it was a perfect situation to initiate my mother to Exceed, after intense days at work for me and even more intense days at home for my mom.

We will probably become experts by the end of the containment, and it will be time to complete my collection and discover new fighters!”

- Thomas

“ Just wanted to write and say that we absolutely love your games. I am always excited to break out any Level 99 game we have in our collection and my son is happy to join me. We enjoy each of them so much our struggle recently has been deciding which of the games to play. My personal favorite is BattleCon and I am eagerly awaiting Unleashed and the updated Devastation!

Keep making amazing, thematic, and engaging games that are different from much of the rest of the market. Here is a picture of my son and I playing Argent this evening with the rest of our Level 99 collection in the background."

- Jason

Thanks for taking the time to check out these experiences! Hopefully, they’ve inspired you to share one of your own.