Character Preview: Nine the Phantom

Character Preview: Nine the Phantom

Character Preview: Nine the Phantom

Hey, folks! With Season 5 on the horizon, we’ve asked D (aka tirankin) to give us insight into the season, it’s mechanics, and characters. Without further ado, let’s let see what D has to say!

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Nine is a technical mixed-range zoner who relies on strong fundamentals in order to set up overwhelming late-game payouts. Nine can modify her unique deck structure during play, optimizing her capabilities to suit her current opponent!

Nine is the most complex fighter in the season. She has more unique cards than anyone, but a smaller deck size, and she has to plan carefully to avoid running out of options. She's recommended for experienced players who enjoy elaborate card combos and the feeling of attaining mastery over their fighter. Players who thrive on developing unique strategies will find their own ways to bring Nine's unmatched arcane abilities under their control!


Key Design Idea: Spellcraft

Nine has options at every range, but she begins with half her unique cards sealed away. Her character ability lets her exchange cards in play with these sealed cards, altering which ones are sealed and which remain available. As she modifies her options, some of her attacks gain better stats or effects, improving her capabilities. She must focus her early efforts on customizing her late-game options so she can finish her opponent off when the time is right!

Strengths & Weaknesses

Nine possesses a variety of powerful attacks, and she has multiple effects that let her recur cards or manipulate the contents of her hand. She can't access all of her cards at once, though, so she's forced to make difficult decisions about which options to value at any given moment. She also has a smaller deck than normal, making her unusually vulnerable to running out of cards!

Nine has to be sparing with her options or risk losing them outright. If she's careless when modifying her deck, she can leave herself completely defenseless against enemy threats. She has next to no ability to recover from her own mistakes!


Nine's Overdrive helps her reach her late-game potential more quickly, and her Overdrive trigger lets her modify her deck and recall key cards to hand at the same time! Her Ultras are cheap, so she can usually afford to activate her Overdrive when she's ready.

Nine's Astral Heat, Colorless Void, has outrageous stats and an absurd cost to match! Its cost decreases as Nine modifies her deck, however, which can make it surprisingly affordable late in the game. This Astral requires some setup, but Nine can rely on its overwhelming power to make up for the damage her other attacks lack.