BattleCON Unleashed - Fulfillment Complete, FAQ Posted

BattleCON Unleashed - Fulfillment Complete, FAQ Posted

BattleCON Unleashed - Fulfillment Complete, FAQ Posted

Greetings everyone,

I'm happy to announce that project fulfillment is complete in all zones!

If you're still missing any games or replacement parts,  please go ahead and reach out to our contact form so that we can put things in motion to get you anything you need.

Grand Chronicle and Delayed Add-Ons

We still have to finish up the Grand Chronicle, and there are a number of add-ons which we weren't able to ship at this time. Because these are still a ways off, and in order to better coordinate our delivery and logistics, we are going to open a new Pledge Manager for this second half of the project. 

That will be opening up next month, and we'll post another update when it's live.

We will import your pledge if you are missing any items, and you'll be able to check in to update your address as necessary.

There won't be any extra charges on this new Pledge Manager. However, we would appreciate it if everyone who is awaiting the Grand Chronicle or a missing play mat in Asia/UK/Australia would log in and verify their items and address when the time comes.

Please don't take any action at this time. Just stay tuned for an upcoming update on this issue.


There are a few cards in Unleashed which have typos or ambiguities. These weren't explained well in the last update, so I'll try again.

First off, here is the FAQ/errata sheet. 

Most of these are just FAQs, where the intent is not 100% clear from the text or in some corner cases.  

Only a handful of the nearly 2000 cards in the new edition have textual or numeric typos (excluding reference cards).

Click on this image to download a PDF

I recommend printing this sheet and putting it in your box in case any of these situations come up.

Major Errata

The above list of cases constitutes the 'major' errata we mentioned in our last update.

These are real ambiguities or misprints which might affect your gameplay experience. However, the sheet above should resolve such questions without fuss.

Minor Errata

Our list of minor errata will include all cards which have minor templating issues or graphical glitches. These aren't going to affect your gameplay or introduce questions. Here's an example:

You could be forgiven for not noticing that reminder text is supposed to be italicized, and that it should not have highlighted keywords, as in the example above. This is one of the more noticeable examples of a minor errata.

Printable Errata

We are still working on creating the printable files for both major and minor errata, for those who want to sleeve or sticker them over existing cards.

Unfortunately, the process took a little longer than we expected. We are working on both of these Print-and-Play documents over the weekend and should have them soon.

Before making Print on Demand cards available, we want to take some time to ensure we have a good color match for card backs, so we will also test that out next week. Even cards within the same print run can have slight coloration difference, but we'll do our best to get them matched as nearly as possible.

I'll continue to post updates as we get those ready. In the meantime, the sheet above should resolve any questions that prevent you from fully enjoying your new BattleCON set.


Thanks, and have a great weekend!

- Brad