Our game worlds bring together recurring characters, styles, and themes to create cohesive universes across multiple products. Start anywhere and experience the full story by collecting all the games.

Cycle 617

Cycle 617 is the universe of Bullet—an alternate high-future earth where individuals develop unique magical powers and contact with a vast assortment of aliens is common.

World of Indines

The World of Indines is a series of games is linked by a common set of characters, story, themes, developed over many years by Level 99 Games!

You can watch your favorite characters grow and reinvent themselves across a narrative spanning various games such as BattleCON, Empyreal, Argent, and more to come!

The Millenniumverse

The Millenniumverse is an alternate world where gaming is only a little bit more important than it is in our universe. This is the setting for the award-winning Millennium Blades, as well as other future games.