Create your own BattleCON Cards in Magic Set Editor

Interested in making your own BattleCON Fighters to go along with v4? Want to bring your favorite video game, movie, anime, or comic book characters to the battlefield? Now you can, with custom templates!

In order to use these custom templates, you'll need to download Magic Set Editor, a program designed for creating custom cards. You can find that here.

Next, download the custom installer here.

With these two tools, you should be able to open up Magic Set Editor and begin creating your very own BattleCON fighters!

Magic Set Editor BattleCON

Magic Set Editor BattleCON

Magic Set Editor BattleCON

Magic Set Editor BattleCON

Once you've created your fighter, make sure to share it with us, you can join the #battlecon-fan-made channel on our Discord, or post in customs on BoardGameGeek or Reddit BattleCON communities. We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

This template was provided to us by fan community member Stephen Hero Separa. If you enjoy the template, make sure to say thanks!

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  • Are the templates close to identical to original format?


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