October Updates

October Updates

October Updates

Greetings friends,

Empyreal’s fulfillment is still in progress as we speak! Here’s a quick status update:

USA/Canada - Fulfillment has started. If you still haven’t gotten a shipping notice, please continue to be patient—even if fulfillment has begun, it takes a week or two for all the games to be shipped.

Asia - Fulfillment ongoing, but still awaiting add-ons.

EU, UK, Australia - Fulfillment is complete and the games should be on their way to you or already in your hands! Anyone still waiting for add-ons should send a message to the contact form.

We endeavor to get everything right. However, a small percentage of errors are inevitable. If you receive games with damaged or missing components, please contact us at www.level99games.com/contact-us and we'll do whatever we can to make it right.

Thanks for your patience and support on this project! Happy gaming!