Worldwide Shipping Updates

Worldwide Shipping Updates

Worldwide Shipping Updates

Greetings everyone, I have news on shipping around the world! Here's a quick look at where we are and where we hope to be by the end of the month.

We have seen pushback on our ocean freight arrivals around the world recently, so some of our dates have slipped a little bit. No worries—we're keeping tabs on things and will keep you posted in this space as new developments arise.

Right now it is a little difficult to get feedback, since any freight company with ties to China has their offices closed for Chinese New Year. I expect that we will have a much clearer picture of things within the next week or so.

USA & Canada

Our shipment of Bullet♥︎ should now arrive in New York port on the 3rd of March (apparently there was a long delay during the ship's stop in Korea). 

We hope to have games moving into the fulfillment center that same week so long as we don't see any customs delays. From there, we will begin shipping and you should have games in the USA by the middle of March.

We will also be dispatching goods to Interfulfillment in Canada, so Canadian dispatch should happen shortly after. We don't have an exact timeline for how long it will take to reach Canada from New Jersey, but my instinct is that it won't be more than 2 additional weeks, if that.


We are scheduled to reach Hamburg port on March 2nd. Non-Bullet add-on items for EU pledges will ship separately from the UK, and may arrive a little bit earlier. We're working with Spiral Galaxy Games to ship those out before the arrival of Bullet♥︎.

United Kingdom

I haven't heard that the February 22nd arrival in the UK has changed. HOWEVER, since everywhere else is delayed, that likely means we just haven't heard about the delays yet, not that they haven't happened.


Our partners in Asia picked up their games before Chinese New Year, but due to the imminent holiday they were not shipped yet. Shipping should begin shortly after Chinese New Year Ends.


We have heard that Melbourne port went into lockdown last week, and may be locked down for another week. We were supposed to have made port, but there's no word just yet. We are trying to contact the freight companies to see what's up.

Chinese-Language Backers

The Chinese Edition of Bullet has been produced by Banana Games and shipped to backers in Asia. If you are waiting on a Chinese Edition and haven't received your copy yet, please reach out to us!

Japanese-Language Backers

The Japanese Edition of Bullet is being produced and shipped by Asobition. Production will begin shortly after the Chinese New Year. Once we have confirmation that production has begun, we will have a more accurate date for delivery.

Korean-Language Backers

The Korean Edition of Bullet has been produced by Delight and shipped to backers in Asia. If you are waiting on a Korean Edition and haven't received your copy yet, please reach out to us!

Spanish-Language Backers

We are currently checking in on the Spanish-language production. I'll post an update on this with the next update.


While you wait on Bullet♥︎ (and since many of us are still in lockdown anyway), you can play online for free on Tabletopia or Tabletop Simulator. You can also find lots of ready opponents in our Discord community!

Finally, don't forget that the complete soundtrack is now available on Spotify and Bandcamp, with a secret bonus track for those who purchase the Bandcamp album!

I look forward to posting news on arrivals soon!