2021.3.5 - Bullet Fulfillment & Shipping Update

Greetings friends, 

Here's a full accounting of the shipping for Bullet♥︎!

From here on out, I'll post updates each week until Fulfillment is complete.

Missing Items

If you do not receive a tracking number or you are missing any add-ons, please DO NOT contact us just yet. Some items may be shipping from different locations, and some items may be delayed slightly. Once we complete the bulk of project fulfillment, we will send out a call for any missing items.

Damaged Games

We don't expect many shipping damages for a game of this size, and there are no known errata for Bullet at this time.

If you receive a damaged game or need replacement components, please go ahead and send a ticket. HOWEVER, note that we have not received our replacement parts yet, so these tickets cannot be addressed until the project fulfillment is complete.


Australia fulfillment is in-progress! There were a few shortfalls for add-ons which we are addressing now.


Asia fulfillment is in-progress! There were a few shortfalls for add-ons which we are addressing now.


We've just received our games at port. Those should be arriving at our fulfillment center early next week. We have to split the games between the USA Backers, Canadian Backers, and USA Distribution. Once we've done that, fulfillment can begin. 

We've already imported all addresses and pre-paid our shipping fees, so you could begin to see tracking emails as early as next week in America.


Games in the USA will be split once they arrive at our fulfillment center in New Jersey (see above). From there, we expect just a few days for products to reach Interfulfillment in Canada. 

After this, everything should be dispatching from Canada quickly. I estimate fulfillment by the middle of March.


Our games in Europe are supposed to arrive today. We're waiting on confirmation that the vessel has docked. Once we have that confirmation, we should begin shipping within the next week or so.

Europe Non-Bullet Add-ons

For add-ons like sleeves, other L99 games, and the like, we have these items stocked in the UK. 

We have already set things in motion to ship these from the UK to you in Europe duties-paid, so you shouldn't have to deal with any customs. Please look out for a tracking number from Spiral Galaxy Games soon!


Our understanding now is that games have arrived at port, but we're still waiting on things to unload and reach Spiral Galaxy Games. They're already preparing a fulfillment estimate for us, so once that's done, we should be sending out pledges fairly soon.

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