Argent: Summer Break

PlayersTime Complexity Ages
2-530-120 minHeavy

Use Intrigue, Magic, and Cunning to master the Consortium

Feel that sea breeze in Argent: Summer Break! It's time to go on vacation and add some beach fun to the Argent University with lighthearted scenarios, enchanted gear, new supporters, and more. In this holiday expansion, acquire a yacht and use it to bribe the Consortium for votes... you still want to be Chancellor after all, at least after your suntan.

This product requires the base game Argent: The Consortium.

What's In The Box
    • 21 Standard Sized Cards
      • 1 Consortium Voter Card
      • 2 Rule Cards
      • 1 Scenario Card
        • 1 Scenario Explanation Cards
        • 5 Scenario Round Cards
      • 6 Supporter Cards
      • 6 Vault Cards
How To Play