Welcome to the new store!

Welcome to the new store!

Welcome to the new store!

Greetings friends, and welcome to the new official Level 99 Store! This store will be the source for all things Level 99 Games!

While the old store will continue to work for the near future (so that you can check up on past purchases and their status), the new store should be your source for all future purchases. We are considering keeping the old squarespace page as our landing page for game news and information, and thus allowing the store to be just a store.

Here are a few other benefits of the new store:

  • New, cleaner navigation.
  • Most consistent product descriptions, with more pictures.
  • Better shipping pricing (orders over $99 are still free shipping in the USA!)
  • Retailer pricing for stores that want to order directly from us.
  • Monthly rotating selection of apparel and specialized playmats.

Make sure to check back frequently in order to see all our new games and products!

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