October News — Bullet❤ and Bullet🌟! Project Updates!

October News — Bullet❤ and Bullet🌟! Project Updates!

October News — Bullet❤ and Bullet🌟! Project Updates!

Greetings friends,

September has come and gone, and with it more progress on upcoming games.

You might have noticed that we've got a new website look! If you haven't seen it yet, you can check it out at www.level99games.com

With the new look, we are also planning to bring back some favorite features like designer blogs. Look out for those soon!

Weekly events are already back on the agenda. Here's a look at the calendar for October!

Follow our Google Calendar!

I hope that you'll join us for a chat or a live play event. They've been a lot of fun so far!

The next big news is that Bullet★ is going to be available for pre-order next week (October 5th) in our online store. If you pre-order the game in the next month, you'll be eligible for cheaper international shipping, a downloadable soundtrack, and more bonuses to be delivered via email in the coming weeks. You can learn more about Launch 99 here!

Bullet★ will come along with a restock of Bullet♥︎ and the Deluxe Bullets which can be used to upgrade either base game.

Things are keeping busy these days! Between the upcoming launch of Bullet★, the delivery of Bullet🍊, and our work on upcoming projects for next year, these are exciting times!

I hope that you'll jump in and join us for some of the upcoming events!

Happy gaming!

-Brad Talton Jr.
Level 99 Games, President


Currently in Production. Empyreal is scheduled to be finished up in late October, then production of the Grand Chronicle will begin.


Sakura Arms

Currently in Production. We expect to review the first complete units (the factory firsts) in late October.


Bullet Orange

Last month, we were having difficulty getting Bullet Orange out of port. I'm happy to report that freight has arrived in Chicago at last. Our games should be unloaded and dispatched to the fulfillment center in New Jersey in the coming weeks.

Project Status

Watch this space for the status of our current and future projects!