Monthly Recap - February 2022

Monthly Recap - February 2022

Monthly Recap - February 2022

It's been a busy month, and so many things are in motion. There have been a few bumps and delays, but I'm excited to report that we have a lot of games moving into the fulfillment stage very soon!

Bullet and Sakura Arms are both shipping in Australia and Asia. These games will soon be shipping in the USA, Canada, EU, and UK as well! Look forward to progress and deliveries in most zones this month!

As for our Empyreal print run, it has taken a little longer to finish up the Grand Chronicle, and press reports that should be done by mid-March.

Next week on Tuesday, we have a big announcement to share—we'll finally be unveiling our "Project Crow" and answering questions about it in our Discord Channel. See you there!


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