Millennium Blades Collusion Shipping News, Notes, and Status

Hey everyone, here's an update on fulfillment and delivery, by zone, in alphabetical order:

First, a note about Artbooks:

Our Millennium Blades Artbooks were printed in America, and so must be shipped from America to fulfillment centers around the world for delivery. Please be patient as we take a little longer to handle this portion of the project that was printed separately.
Backers in the USA and Canada should get their Artbooks alongside Collusion.

Damages, Replacements, Missing Items

We have been informed that the dividers for Set Rotation Starter Decks are missing from all copies of the game. We are assessing this and other reported issues, and will announce a solution later on.
We've heard reports of some shipping damage to boxes. We will do our best to issue replacements as soon as they become available to us. Please look out for information in a future update, once we have our replacement parts in stock in the USA.
We will instruct our shipping facilities that haven't shipped yet to double-box and to mark cartons as Fragile to minimize damage going forward.


Fulfillment in Asia is complete now. If you are in Asia and you are missing your pledge, please reach out to us!


Australian Orders are mostly shipped. Please note that add-ons shipped separately from the main Collusion Box, so you should get two boxes.
If you ordered the Millennium Blades Playmat add-on, that piece was produced at a different factory, and will be shipped along with the rest of your add-ons later this month.


Canadian Pledges will ship duties paid from the USA, and should ship out at a similar time to the USA pledges below.


European orders have mostly shipped.
Add-ons for European pledges are coming from the UK instead of from Fulfillment Europe, so you should have two packages on the way. We've already paid the duties on these, so you won't need to deal with customs.
If you ordered the Millennium Blades Playmat add-on, that piece was produced at a different factory, and will arrive at Fulfillment Europe later this month. Fulfillment Europe is holding these orders to consolidate Collusion with the new playmat, and only ship one box per backer.

United Kingdom

We are still waiting on games to get out of port in the UK. I'll post an update when we have news on this front.

United States

Games have been unloaded from port and are now on overland freight to our fulfillment center. I anticipate delivery by the end of the week. We don't yet know what our fulfillment center's delivery schedule looks like, but we should be able to announce a timeline next week, and delivery to your doorstep by the end of February seems like a sure thing.
Thanks so much for staying tuned! We'll have more updates soon! :)
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