BattleCON Unleashed Credits

BattleCON Unleashed Credits

BattleCON Unleashed Credits

Greetings friends,

It's been a little while, but it came to our attention that a credits sheet was left out of BattleCON Unleashed. We'd like to make sure that we say a well-deserved thank-you to everyone who joined us on this big BattleCON project, especially our guest artists who helped to create the unique base sets found only during this Kickstarter.

Thanks so much to everyone who was part of this project!

Project Lead

  • Joshua Van Laningham


  • D. Brad Talton Jr.


  • Marco De Santos
  • Daniel Honig
  • bubbalubber

Lead Artist

  • Nokomento

Supporting Artists:

  • Corinne Caro
  • Stephane Dumoulin
  • Fábio Fontes
  • Stephanie Johnson
  • Jessica Malcolm
  • Mukhlis Nur
  • Augustinas Raginskis
  • Shaz Yong

Visual Design

  • Davy Wagnarok

Supporting Visual Design

  • Laura La Vito

Insert Design

  • Dan Cunningham


Kier Arnold, Ty Arnold, Nicholas Berry, Adam “MarioFanaticXV” Butler, Cindurion, Charles T., Demonkai, Robert Durant, Kevin “twylite” Lambert, tauontwo, Michael Robles, SirReasoner, Christopher Smith, Stephen Stoll, Jason Viddal, Daniel Zeiger

Special Thanks

Peter Bemis, Peter Candelario III, Zack Hansel, Colin Haywood, Julian Kuleck, Anthony Ronczka, Jason Viddal
... and to all of our amazing backers on Kickstarter and Pledge Manager!