Announcing Level 99 Games' 2024 Summer Release Schedule

Announcing Level 99 Games' 2024 Summer Release Schedule

It’s time to announce our Summer 2024 Release Schedule!

These are games that we’re producing right now, which should be complete early in 2024, and will reach our worldwide distribution in the summer of 2024.

If you are a distributor anywhere in the world, or a retailer who can receive shipments in the USA, please reach out to us to reserve some of these games!


Level 99 Games is a small publisher, and our print runs typically consist of a few thousand units of a product every couple years. We can’t afford to hold a lot of inventory, or to do lots of international shipping projects, so we rely on pre-orders and reservations to gauge the worldwide demand for each of our print runs.

While we are able to process orders throughout the year while supplies last, the best way to guarantee that we will stock the inventory you want is to place a pre-order. This reserves part of our upcoming print run for you, and no fee is due until the products are ready to ship. If you choose to pre-pay, you can receive additional discounts below our normal retail/distribution discounts.

Tasting Notes

We're very excited about the upcoming schedule, which balances a bit of everything.

Bullet has been our most popular title worldwide, and we are adding two new expansions this season, as well as reprinting the entire line. We will be offering retailer tiers in our upcoming Kickstarter Project as well, so retailers worldwide can get access to these games.

Last season, we reprinted modern classics Argent: The Consortium and Millennium Blades (available now from Asmodee USA), and we are excited to offer Argent: Mancers of the University and Millennium Blades: Set Rotation, two full-size expansions to these games, which are among the most popular expansions we've ever released, and which have been out of print for over a year now.

Additionally, we are reprinting the massively successful and now-impossible-to-find Dead by Daylight™: The Board Game! This is one not to miss out on in preparation for the 2024 Halloween season.

Thanks to the success of the Guilty Gear™ -Strive- Kickstarter, we are not only printing this exciting game, but also issuing reprints of the last 2 seasons of Exceed, BlazBlue™ and Under Night In-Birth™.

Guilty Gear presents the Exceed Fighting System in a new format—one large collector's box that contains 20 fighters, plus play mats and premium upgrades. We hope that this approach makes the game more attractive for retailers who focus on serving the all-in collector, as well as making your ordering and stock keeping more streamlined. If your store discovers more success with this new model or the classic model (sets of smaller boxes that retail under $40 USD), please reach out and discuss with us!

Release Schedule

 SKU Description MSRP
L99-BLT01 Bullet Heart $39.99
L99-BLT02 Bullet Orange Expansion $24.99
L99-BLT03 Bullet Star $39.99
L99-BLT04 Bullet Paw Expansion $24.99
L99-BLT05 Bullet Palette Expansion $24.99
L99-BLTDX Bullet Deluxe Bullets (accessory) $24.99
L99-ARG02 Argent: ‘Mancers of the University $39.99
L99-MB002 Millennium Blades: Set Rotation Expansion $39.99
L99-DBD01 Dead by Daylight: The Board Game $49.99
L99-GGS02 Guilty Gear™ -Strive-: The Board Game $129.99
L99-EX-BB1 BlazBlue Exceed: Ragna Box $34.99
L99-EX-BB2 BlazBlue Exceed: Jin Box $34.99
L99-EX-BB3 BlazBlue Exceed: Noel Box $34.99
L99-EX-BB4 BlazBlue Exceed: Hazama Box $34.99
L99-EX-BB-PM BlazBlue Exceed Playmat (accessory) $34.99
L99-EX-UN1 Under Night In-Birth Exceed: Orie Box $34.99
L99-EX-UN2 Under Night In-Birth Exceed: Seth Box $34.99
L99-EX-UN3 Under Night In-Birth Exceed: Gordeau Box $34.99
L99-EX-UN4 Under Night In-Birth Exceed: Yuzuriha Box $34.99
L99-EX-UN5 Under Night In-Birth Exceed: Hyde vs. Linne $19.99
L99-EX-UN6 Under Night In-Birth Exceed: Londrekia Solo Fighter $12.99
L99-EX-UN-PM Under Night In-Birth Exceed Playmat (accessory) $24.99


Contact Us

For full technical product spec sheets, or to reserve any or all of these products, please reach out to us.

Happy Gaming!