Millennium Blades Collusion Status 4.2.2021

Greetings friends,


We're just about finished up with Millennium Blades Collusion deliveries. Our missing play mats have all arrived, so we've begun shipping out the final group of USA Pledges. From there, we'll be able to complete North American Delivery. It's been a long road, but finally the end is in sight.


Just a few recurring announcements and outstanding items remain to resolve. We're beginning to work through our ticket backlog, and we hope to have responded to everyone by the middle of April.



Storage Tray Replacements

Please fill out this form to request tray replacements. This form is only for tray replacements.


We don't have a timeline just yet, but we will use the results of this form to help inform our efforts, build our logistics, and determine a timeline for when we can replace these.


Once again, please DO NOT send us a ticket at this time in regards to this issue, only use this form. The form will be available for another 2 weeks, so even if you are one of the small group still waiting on their pledges, you will have plenty of time to receive your pledge.


Missing Items

If you do not receive a tracking number or you are missing any add-ons, please DO NOT contact us just yet. We want to wait one more week to finish North America shipping and let things settle. Once we complete the bulk of project fulfillment, we will send out a call for any missing items. Please continue to watch this space.


World of Millennium Blades Artbooks

We are still working on the logistics of getting these artbooks and other shortfalls around the world. Please be patient for a few more weeks as we get this freight arranged.



We are in the process of producing errata for Millennium Blades to replace incorrectly printed dividers and a few cards. Please watch this space over the next few weeks for information on how to get your dividers replaced.


Returning Next Week: Empyreal

Next week, we are launching our next big project: Empyreal Far Corners.

This project is a reprint of Empyreal: Spells & Steam, as well as a new expansion. As you may know, Empyreal launched worldwide in 2020 and then sold out before the end of the year. We're running a second project to offer this premium game to everyone who missed out the first time around, as well as to create some new goodies for fans who backed the first printing.

You can preview the Kickstarter Page here, and let us know what you think!

I hope to see you there on Tuesday! :)

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  • I would also like to know about it’s availability. Had I known of the Kickstarter I totally would have bought in but found out about it much too late.

    Mac Wag
  • When will you beginning selling collusion on here? I missed the kickstarter but am a big fan of this game and would love the final expansion.

    Jessica A LaBon

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