Announcing Bullet Orange

Announcing Bullet Orange

Announcing Bullet Orange

Greetings everyone!


With Bullet♥︎ delivered in most places, we're excited to announce that our first expansion—which is already in production!

Bullet🍊is a new expansion for Bullet♥︎. Bullet🍊 brings 4 new heroines to the game, and represents the first tabletop appearance of famous characters from the Orange Juice franchise, with characters from top-rated Orange Juice titles SoraFlying Red BarrelSUGURI, and QP Shooting all making appearances in the new game.

We'll begin accepting pre-orders for Bullet🍊 this time next week, so please look out for an announcement in this space when it happens. While the game isn't going to Kickstarter, we are arranging friendly international shipping for our fans in Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, and Asia through our new Launch 99 Program.

Learn more here!


  • Hi, I’d like to buy Bullet’s deluxe tokens. I live in Italy and I own Bullet retail box. I’m interested in the espansion too. Thank you

    Laura on

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