Pixel Tactics

Step back into the golden age of Strategy Games

Each hero in your deck has five different ways to be deployed to the Battlefield, and each will open up different strategic potential. Only the player who is best able to leverage the tactical advantages of his heroes will be left standing on the field of battle!

With over 150 different Heroes and Leaders to explore and master, no two games of Pixel Tactics will ever be the same. Play Standard, Draft, or Constructed to form the ultimate army!


choose a leader

Promote one of over 150 different heroes to be your Leader! Each has a unique new power that will impact all your decisions and strategies!


customize your unit

Build out your unit with a diverse cast of heroes. Place heroes into the Vanguard, Flank, or Rear of your unit to customize their abilities!


claim victory

Use your Heroes, Leader, and tactics to take down the rival Leader and secure your victory. The first to eliminate the other Leader wins!