Sakura Arms by Level 99 Games and Bakafire Party

Bullet♥︎ merges the fast-paced action of Shoot-em-Up video games with tabletop strategy!


Pre-orders deliver on Feb. 26, 2021

Deluxe Edition


The Deluxe Edition is only available at the Level 99 Store—and only while supplies last.


Assume the role of one of Earth’s most powerful Heroines as you settle their disputes with each other through excessive firepower! Use your actions to form Patterns, clear your board of bullets, and assault the opponent! Keep up dealing with the curtain of bullets coming at you each round and be the last Heroine standing to win!

1–4 Players15mLight IntensityAges 13+

The box contains everything you need to play, and 8 dynamic heroines with special powers that completely change how the game is played! A quick start guide is included to help you dive right in and quickly introduce the game to friends!

Use the Bullet♥︎ soundtrack as a round timer in your games—each song is exactly three minutes.
Alternatively, you can jam out to it anytime on Spotify or Youtube!


Bullet heroines have unique powers which make each game completely different. These powers change the normal incoming bullets into different kinds of puzzles. They also change the kinds of shapes that heroines use to eliminate incoming bullet tokens.

Each heroine also has a powerful boss mode. You can play a cooperative game where one to four players battle against one of these dangerous bosses!

Key Features

  • Unique puzzle-battle gameplay that will keep you on the edge of your seat!
  • Play competitively or join forces to take down a powerful boss in co-op mode!
  • Deluxe Edition includes solid-wood bullet tokens that feel great to draw and move!
  • Eight heroines with dynamic abilities that change everything!


  • Game Box
  • 99 Pattern cards for Heroines (Standard US size)
  • 37 Boss Pattern cards (Standard US size)
  • 140 punchboard bullets in 5 different colors
  • 27 Power Up tiles
  • 12 Team Mode Action Tiles
  • 1 Intensity Board
  • 5 Draw Bags
  • 140 punchsheet bullet tokens in 5 different colors
  • 140 solid wood bullet tokens in 5 different colors (Deluxe only)
  • Rulebook
  • Quick Start Guide
Sakura Arms by Level 99 Games and Bakafire Party

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