Premium Gaming Sleeves (50ct Pack)
Premium Gaming Sleeves (50ct Pack)
Premium Gaming Sleeves (50ct Pack)
Product image 1Premium Gaming Sleeves (50ct Pack)
Product image 2Premium Gaming Sleeves (50ct Pack)
Product image 3Premium Gaming Sleeves (50ct Pack)

Premium Gaming Sleeves (50ct Pack)

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Level 99 Games' Premium Card Sleeves are designed with board gamers in mind.

These 100-micron weight sleeves are top of the line, satisfaction guaranteed. Comes in packs of 50. Fits standard USA size playing cards (2.5" x 3.5", or 63.5 x 88 mm, Magic the Gathering™ compatible)

This is a pre-order item. The item is scheduled to release on December 8, 2020. Any orders containing pre-order items will not ship until all pre-order items are in-stock.


How many packs do you need?

You will have a few sleeves left over after sleeving with these amounts.

Any Exceed Box 4 Packs
Bullet♥︎ 3 Packs
Pixel Tactics 1–5 or Legends 2 Packs
Mega Man Pixel Tactics Sets 2 Packs
Pixel Tactics Deluxe 6 Packs
BattleCON: Devastation 15 Packs
BattleCON: Fate, Wanderers, or Trials 5 Packs
BattleCON: War 7 Packs
BattleCON Solo Fighters
1/2 Pack
Millennium Blades (Base Game) 16 Packs
Millennium Blades (Set Rotation) 8 Packs
Millennium Blades (Mini-Expansions) 2 Packs
Argent: the Consortium 4 Packs
Argent: 'Mancers of the University 2 Packs
Argent: Festival of Masks or Summer Break 1 Pack
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