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Hey everyone! Another week, another Indines In-Depth. This week, I decided to feature Baenvier Marlgrove, Rexan's Lesionaire captain.

This is also the last week of our big holiday sale. We're finally moving out of our old warehouse this week, and so any help you can give us to move thing out faster (and to you) is much appreciated!

This week I decided to focus on a fighter from BattleCON: Fate. Welsie was suggested, but I haven't got her entire epic worked out yet, so I chose one of the main fighters from the front of the box (and whom I have a bit more art for).


"Your magic, your devices, your weapons... they are all a crutch for your weakness."

"My only faith is in myself. My only religion is my family. My only god is the overlord."

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Hey everyone! This week's Indines In-Depth features one of my favorite characters, Runika Zenanen. Runika is the main character of the upcoming World of Indines Visual Novel game, which I really still need to come up with a name for... but anyway! Enjoy learning a bit more about our favorite Chief Artificer in this segment!

Also, if you haven't seen it yet, we have a huge Winter Sale going on right now! Help us clean out our warehouse so that we can move this January! :D


"It seems like you made one critical mistake--you forgot that I always win!"

"You know I can't stay mad at you, you big stone dummy."

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Greetings and Happy Holidays everyone!

In 2016, we're moving out of our warehouse and using other methods to handle our shipping in the USA. However, this means that we have a lot of stuff sitting around that we're going to have to ship back to distributors or to our fulfillment center. In this case, we would prefer to be shipping most of that stuff out to you!

To move things out of the warehouse quickly, we have some really great deals available in our online store from now through the first week in January. Order quickly!

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Last Wednesday was my birthday, so I took the day off of work and didn't put up a new Indines In-Depth. Sorry about that!

This time I picked for myself, and put up Heketch, a character that we don't tend to see quite as much in the lore. I hope you enjoy this week's Indines In-Depth!


“I am here. I am always here...”

"I'll only kill you if I'm ordered to... I want to relish that fear in your eyes."

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This week's Indines In-Depth subject was chosen by the BattleCON Subreddit! If you haven't found out about this group yet, go check it out and discuss strategy with your fellow redditors!

Sorry for the delay on this one coming out--I had a few technical issues with my machine at the office, so this one is showing up a bit later in the day that I would prefer.


 "The paths to power, wealth, and fame are all the same. You must stand victorious, every time, against any odds, and no matter the cost or the course required. After all, history only asks us one question: Who won? The rest, we can write for ourselves." - From Gerard's Memoir, "The Price of Victory"

"If you had the stomach to do it yourself, you wouldn't call it criminal. A king decides what makes a crime, after all. If your pride keeps you from making the best moves, then your subjects will be paying me tribute all the sooner." - Gerard, to Baron Rufus Zane

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I read a post on BGG today about a fan who felt that a resource in one of our games was a bit too strong (Influence Points in Argent). Another fan replied to him that if the person who got the most of this resource always seemed to win, then he should probably fight over it harder, and that in his group they often fight so much over this resource that the cost of acquiring it changes.

That got me to thinking–there are a lot of self-balancing mechanics out there, and these are great tools which designers can use to make their lives easier when building games both symmetric and asymmetric. I’ve brainstormed a few of these, and I’d love to hear your suggestions as well in the comments.

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Hey everyone! I hope you've all had a great start to the holiday season! Things are winding down for the year here at Level 99 Games, but we still have one big thing left to do this year–get you Pixel Tactics Deluxe! Also, look out for Pixel Tactics 4 to reach stores later this month, or just get it now in our Online Store!

I hope you enjoy this week's Indines In-Depth, and leave me a comment to pick who you would like to see next week!


"I was raised reading and re-reading the Great Chronicle in an abbey, by monks who revered the old heroes and legends. I want to have my name on those pages someday."

Shekhtur: Woah, what’s this?
Eligor: That’s called a Gorget, you wear it around your neck. It’s useful if you’re expecting spears.
Shekhtur: Ooh, and what’s this one?
Eligor: That’s a vambrace, it’s a kind of plate shield for your forearm.
Shekhtur: All this stuff is so cool.
Eligor: Armor is situational… you can’t just put it all on at once, you have to equip for the foe you’re planning to face, and to compliment your strengths and fighting style.
Shekhtur: Whatever. I’m going to be invincible with all this stuff, just watch!

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Hey everyone! This week's Indines In-Depth was chosen by fans in our BattleCON Skype chat. I hope you're all having a great Thanksgiving, and please check out our upcoming Black Friday Sale if you're interested in getting a copy of BattleCON!


“I fear there may be no room for anything but monsters left in this world. It seems you’ve already decided where to draw the lines of civilization and humanity.” 

“August wanted more arms, twelve eyes, insect wings… and of course she could have all these things but father always said ‘no’. August never understood why she shouldn’t take a more efficient and capable form than the one she was born with, but I understood, somehow. This body is an anchor. If I change my face, I lose my self. August changed herself so much that she forgot who she was… that’s the fate I fear the most.”

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