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We've come to Kickstarter to bring an unprecedentedly full-featured version of BattleCON to your Web, PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devices (with cross-platform play, of course!). We want your help to develop and test new fighters, new modes, and more! Join in to help make this dream a reality to get early access to the game's beta in December, as well as a bunch of other exciting bonuses!

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Here we are again with another week, the final week, of BattleCON Fate Previews! I hope you're excited about the new characters, and the new opportunities for the tournament roster!

Lord Eustace

  • Race / Gender / Nationality: Undead / M / Relecour
  • Style: Gambler - Use powerful stats and effects, but beware—mistakes may be deadly.
  • UA: Frostflow - Bolster your defenses with ice to soak up extra damage and retaliate.

Eustace is a skeletal fistfighter who bulks up his defense and offense by encasing his attacks in ice. Eustace’s Frostflow can be used as Soak, which combines with his high innate power ratings to make exceptionally strong trades against the opponent. However, using too little of this power can leave Eustace open to stuns, which will degrade his position considerably and leave him open to further attacks. Understanding and controlling the pacing of the fight will help Eustace players to maximize the potential of this ability.

Another week, and 4 new character previews for Fate! Who are you looking forward to the most?


Sarafina Vanedran

  • Race / Gender / Nationality: Elvan / F / Willat
  • Style: Zoner - Control spacing to dominate the pacing of the game.
  • UA: Holoprojector - Create a hologram to appear in two places at once.

For the tricky player that wants to keep their opponent guessing, Sarafina’s Holoprojector allows you to be in two places at once and force a lot of unsafe plays on your opponent. Sarafina’s styles give her an excellent spread of ranges to control, and she has access to two equally viable Finishers that will seal a game or expand her toolset drastically.

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I hope that you'll support this extremely cool project and get your favorite shirt! And I hope that your favorite shirt is the Argent University one! :D


With BattleCON: Fate coming out soon, it seems like a great time to do full introductions of the new cast of characters! Who are you going to play first in BattleCON: Fate? Take a look and decide!



Baenvier Marlgrove

  • Race / Gender / Nationality: Vaum / M / Gesselheim
  • Style: All-Rounder - Take advantage of the opponent’s weakness and use superior stats.
  • UA: Spelleater - Strip both players of their style bonuses and effects.

Baenvier is a brute force fighter whose Spelleater gives him the ability to cancel out the style cards of opponents. Spelleater brings the game back to basics, since Baenvier sacrifices his own style cards use its ability. On the flip side, Baenvier is generally strong, with high-impact styles that give him great stats, but no particular special tricks. The decision Baenvier has to make is whether he will try to land his own high-impact attacks, or play bases alone to negate the special tricks that opponents might use to gain the upper hand on him.

We're back for the final week of BattleCON: War Character Previews!

If you're just joining now, you can find part 1 and part 2 by following the links.

Don't forget, BattleCON War is available for pre-order now in our online store, and you can even download a free print-and-play preview to try the game for yourself!


Cherri Seneca

  • Race / Gender / Nationality: Human / Female / Sanghalim
  • Style: Specialist - Capitalize on special effects and technical bonuses.
  • UA: Nightmarish Visions - Each time you clash, damage your foe.

Cherri is a highly technical character with an overall weak kit. Her strategy revolves around clashing—that is, forcing both you and your opponent to select a new base attack. Cherri’s versatile styles, ranges, and the ability to force clashes on her opponent mean that her enemy will often be fighting clumsily and will not have access to their best cards, making Cherri’s sub-par attacks rather effective, if she can control the fight.

Cherri has high mobility and plenty of dodges and defense at her disposal, but her most important tools are her clashing tools–the Insight Token, Crimson Style, and Mirage Style. Mirage is especially deadly, because this style is the easiest way to force extended clashes, which may net you 3 or 4 points of bonus damage. Cherri’s Stare base is a powerful tool for recovering your tokens and for extending clashes even further.

Cherri can have difficulty dealing with foes that are able to manipulate their priorities, such as Demitras, Magdelina, and Hepzibah, as matching their priorities to trigger a clash can be tough, effectively taking Mirage out of consideration in her clash toolkit. In these cases, look for opportunities to better capitalize on your other clash tools.

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