WitchHunt is also a game that is perfectly positioned to challenge social deduction gaming veterans and introduce an entirely new level of game play that is seldom seen. WitchHunt is vibrant and colorful, with more twists and turns than I have ever seen in any other social deduction game.
— Father Geek Reviews

"We've been running Witchhunt as a regular event in our shop for over a year. It's an extremely popular event that has continued to garner great attendance, and has left my players dying to know when they will be able to buy a copy." - Victoria Williams, owner of Game Paradise, Indianapolis

"A wonderful night of lying to your friends!" - James Portnow, writer of Extra Credits, Seattle

"In my 200+ games of WitchHunt, I've never seen two games play out the same way, or begin the same, or even have the same exchange of pregame witty banter and triple-bluff confessions." - Josh Little, St. Louis

"This game was so much fun! Best Mafia variant I've played." - Jose Duarte, Chicago

"It's definitely a fun game the really livens up the mafia experience. You've never known true terror until you've met a Loose Cannon Witch that's in over his head." Tom Zhou, Santa Clara

"WitchHunt will keep your brain racing in a loop of strategic thinking with endless possibilities. Even if you get killed off, there will always be ways for you to get back at your enemies! This ingenious, addicting game will keep you staying up for “one more game” until you realize that it is 6am and you have to go to work in two hours!" - An Nguyen, Indianapolis

"I've been playing for months with An and have absolutely loved every game we've played! I like that you're always important in the game even dead! The art is wonderful, the roles are all fun, and each game is always unique! Thank you for creating something so cool for our group!" - Brittany Crites, Indianapolis

"I generally don't care to play many games like werewolf or mafia. Kinda sucks just waiting to be killed and out of the game unless you are one of 3 lucky people to get a role with an ability. Gave WitchHunt a shot at a convention with friends. 4 hours later we were upset that the game master wanted some sleep. We were having a blast! No one was a plain villager, no one was eliminated and a great time was had by all!" -Todd DeWitt, Springfield IL

"You start with your 'social deduction game'. Once you've mastered that you move to your 'ultimate social deduction game'. Once you've mastered the ultimate social deduction game, then you step up to Witchhunt. It's fun, fast paced, and engaging to all the players at all times." - Nick Keith, Farmington MI

"WitchHunt was the first social deduction game I've ever played, and the rules were streamlined and clear enough that I was able to catch on and play with the best of thempretty quickly!" - Isaias Suarez, Jacksonville FL

"The other day I told a guy at work that his code looked like Witch-logic... WitchHunt gets in your head, in a good way." -Kyle Flagstad, Madison

"I love WitchHunt because it's a dramatic, exciting game that's different every time. I look forward to playing WitchHunt with my friends every week, and there are games we all remember and talk about months later!" - Aarthi Arunachalam, St. Louis

"WitchHunt fixes all of the problems I've always had with the classic mafia game. It adds a huge element of skill to the game with well thought out roles and game mechanics. It also keeps all players interested, even after they have been killed." - Roger Iyengar, Palo Alto

"We randomly happened upon WitchHunt in the hall and bought a two hour slot to give it a shot--easily some of the most enjoyable two hours of GenCon. Between the beautiful art and interactive down time with the Angels and Demons mechanic, this is definitely a game I will be backing." - Timothy Austin, Chicago

"This really turns werewolf on its head, not only are you guessing what roles people have, but what team they are on. One of the best parts for me was the pow-wow with the angels or demons after dying. Looking forward to backing this game. Best Variant of Mafia/Werewolf I have seen." - Sean Sullivan, Lafayette IN

"WitchHunt is a riveting experience that can be enjoyed with friends and strangers alike." - Juan Chavez, Dallas

"WitchHunt combines everything that I love in a great game: strategy, a bit of luck, and spreading it all around social dynamics! It always leaves me with such fond memories and experiences I can share with others, something that can't be said for most games I do play!" - Alexandra Logan, Birmingham

"WitchHunt is a uniquely devious game of second-guessing and betrayal wrapped in comforting blanket of strategy and storytelling; it is by far my favorite game of the genre." - Corwin Dodd, San Diego

"Witchhunt helped me get to know a whole new group of friends in no time at all. It’s great!" - Adam Sandor, Teaneck NJ

"WitchHunt is the best social deduction game we have ever played! The art, variety of characters that can be witches or villagers, and the angel/demon mechanic keep every game completely unique and all players involved until the end." - Sam Cook, Garrett IN

"I've taken dates to games of WitchHunt--it's that good." - Ben Berman, New York


Witch Hunt
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