Temporal Odyssey

A battle card game of dueling Time Travelers

Temporal Odyssey is a game of dueling Time Travelers. Open portals to different parts of space and time to draft heroes, monsters, and myths to your cause! Collect powerful artifacts to gain unique abilities from Lovox, the god of time.

When defeated, a Traveler will turn back time to return to life. The more they meddle, however, the more their own timeline becomes unstable. Each time you collect an artifact or defeat a rival Traveler, they gain an instability card. After the opponent has 3 instability cards, defeat them one final time to win!

Players: 1v1 and 2v2
Length: 20 – 40 mins
Intensity: Medium

Created By: CGC Games
Published By: Level 99 Games

Temporal Odyssey is unique fusion of battle card games and drafting games that involves tabletop tactics, and resource management. You will need to balance the many facets of battle in every decision you make during the game.


Unique Heroes

Each Traveler has their own unique spells and style of play. This will influence the decisions you make during combat and in building your forces.



Group your characters into units to share their defensive abilities outside of your turn. Group and regroup to adapt to the situation. This grouping mechanic replaces traditional "traps" and "interrupts", making for a smooth gameplay experience while still giving players strong defensive tools.



Every player has a hand of spells they can use through out the game. Use your Traveler's rest ability to recover any spell you played already. Collect Elementals Sigils found on nearly every card you draft to boost your spell Levels. 

“...beautifully tactical, each draw from the time period decks is a moment of hope. Clever and elegant. I didn’t want to stop playing.”
— JR Honeycutt
“This is one of the slickest two-player duels I’ve witnessed in a long time.”
— Spacebiff
“Potential strategies for the game are endless and can change from player to player. This ensures that no two games ever really play out the same way.”
— EverythingBoardGames.com