Please read over our submissions guides carefully to see how you can contribute to Level 99 Games! Thank you for your interest in us and in our work!


For Play testers & Proof Readers

Do you want to playtest with Level 99 Games? We're constantly working on the next cool thing. Join our playtesting forums, and get involved with the future of BattleCON, Pixel Tactics, EXCEED, and more!


For Visual/graphic Designers

We are always on the lookout for visual designers to help us with card layouts, box designs, rulebook creation, and more. 

As with standard projects, we negotiate contracts as works for hire with a per-project budget and timeline. If you are a professional visual designer interested in working on projects with us, please contact us with your portfolio (including a CV of published works).


For Artists

We are always on the lookout for new artistic talent. Take a look at our existing lines to see the style and quality of work that we tend to pick up for publication.

Our projects are done as works-for-hire on a per-project basis, meaning that we will contact an artist from our list of known applicants and offer them a certain rate for a specific number of works within a specific deadline. If you are a professional able to work within commercial deadlines, and you want to be added to this list, contact us with a link to your online portfolio and a CV of all published works.

Note: We currently only work with artists using digital media.


For Game Designers

We are always on the lookout for exceptional tabletop game designs, but we do not accept direct submissions via mail or email. The best way to share a design with us is to reach out to Brad or Josh at a convention, such as Gencon, BGG, or PAX. Check out our events calendar to see what we will be doing soon!

We prefer games with strong replayability, flexible theming, and room to be expanded with additional characters and modes. We look for games that will cover a niche not addressed by our core lines, so please avoid submitting games that are similar to our existing titles in theme or play style.

Our production schedule is fully booked through the end of 2018.


For Studios

Are you a fully-capable studio with a finished game ready to print (professional-level art, graphics, rules, and more)? We offer a competitive studio rate that lets you retain control of your IP and branding, and can serve as an alternative or a supplement to self-publishing via Kickstarter.

We partner with select studios to provide production, distribution, convention appearances, store support, and fulfillment under the Level 99 Games label. If this interests you, contact us to share a sell sheet or splash page of your game.