Level 99 games store policies



Many of our items are pre-orders. Pre-orders are listed as such in their titles in your shopping cart.

Any orders containing pre-orders will not ship until all pre-ordered items are in stock.

Pre-orders can be canceled or removed from an order at any time by contacting us.


replacements & Damaged parts

We replace any missing or damaged game parts or cards at no cost anywhere in the world, regardless of whether you purchased the game on this site, on Kickstarter, or via a third-party seller.

If a replacement part is unavailable from our supplies, we offer store credit or a refund.

Contact us to report any damaged or missing parts in any of your games.

Your Account

You can register an account when checking out to keep track of your purchases. You can log into this account through the link at the bottom of any page to see purchase history.

If you choose not to create an account during checkout, there is no way to link your purchase history with an account created later on.



If you are unhappy with a game purchased from Level 99 Games, you can contact us within 14 days of receipt of the game to request a refund for any reason.

Depending on the cost of shipping in your area, we may ask you to return an unopened game (at our expense), or we may ask you to donate an opened game to your local hospital, school, or library.


Delivery Failure

If a delivery to your address fails to arrive, gets lost, or is stolen (or any other case), we will attempt to re-ship the order to you once at our own expense.

In this case, we prefer to ship to a secondary address, if possible, and will contact you to ask for one.

If the second delivery fails, we will issue a refund for your order.


Coupons & Time-limited discounts

Coupons and specials are occasionally available from the Level 99 Store. You must create an account with the store in order to claim most of these specials.

Most coupons and specials cannot be combined on the same order.

When an item is purchased from our store, if that item is discounted within the next 14 days of your order or delivery of the item, Level 99 Games will refund you the difference in price between what you paid for the item and its current price upon request.


If you have any questions about an order, a product, or any part of these policies, we encourage you to contact our team and ask us directly.