Seventh Cross

The year is 1929, in a world much like our own

An enigmatic organization known only as "The Church" has kept the world safe from magic and monsters for centuries, allowing culture and civilization to flourish.

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In the shadows, the ancient magic empire stirs, seeking to revive the lost craft and unleash mayhem once again upon humanity.

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Take on the role of a Church Inquisitor, seeking out monsters and putting them down in the name of order and duty.

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Use a vast array of Mystical Arcana, Bizarre Machines, and Medieval Implements as you face massive bosses.

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Unleash your own Monstrous Nature to gain new abilities and turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Seventh Cross is a game about transformation. Heroes can call upon their hidden monstrous sides in the heat of battle. Bosses transform to unleash more desperate and dangerous powers. Allies you find may help you in one adventure and turn on you in another.


With each victory, Hunters accumulate Curses that both aid and hinder them on their journey. As players progress through their campaign their characters will become more and more powerful, but at the cost of their own safety.

Desperate Hunters have the ability to turn into powerful monsters. At the cost of their own sanity, a Hunter may save themselves by drawing out the dark magic that resides within them. The more they rely on this power, the more they’ll be forced to use it.


Journey through haunting environments filled with treasures, traps, enemies, and potential allies. Players make decisions in a story-driven narrative, which inevitably lead them into deadly conflicts with colossal beasts. Defeat the master of the castle to fulfill your duty and emerge from the endless night.


Three ways to play

Dive into the world and gameplay of Seventh Cross in 3 different play modes



Immerse yourself in a rogue-like adventure as you cobble together gear, muster resources, and try to survive the cursed castles of the old empire.



Unravel the vast conspiracy at the heart of Seventh Cross's main story, as you fight your way through a multi-episode plot where each decision may have far-reaching consequences and change the game's ending.



For die-hard monster hunting enthusiasts only! Arm yourselves with the best gear from the vaults of the Church, then take on the toughest bosses from the mythos of Seventh Cross.