Project Status Report

Here's a look at where our upcoming projects are! If you're looking forward to something pre-ordered or waiting on something from Kickstarter, this is the place to check!


BattleCON: Unleashed

Status: Content Creation

Estimated Delivery: October 2019

BattleCON: Wanderers will be finished up next week if all goes according to schedule. We're now moving to playtest promotional fighters, as well as patches to other games in the lineup. Watch the KS for more content updates!


BattleCON Online

Status: Early Access on Steam

Estimated Delivery: Available now!

The game is currently now available on Steam!


Empyreal: Spells & Steam

Status: Content Creation

Estimated Delivery: July 2019

The Press Kit for the base game is almost finished up, and we should be ready to start printing some games next week! We still have some more art to finish up for the expansion, but the rest of the production should soon be underway.


Seventh Cross

Status: Development

Kickstarter Launch: Fall 2019

Development is continuing on with new art and continued testing and rulebook development. Look out for more Seventh Cross news soon, or join playtesting to try it out!


Pixel Tactics Online

Status: Closed Alpha

Estimated Delivery: TBD

Pixel Tactics Online is currently in its Alpha state. If you want to follow the progress of this game, sign up for our mailing list!


Millennium Blades: Collusion

Status: Development

Estimated Delivery: January 2020

Testing is going well and we have large portions of the game finished up. Fábio is taking a short break to work on our next Exceed season, and our dev team is finalizing BattleCON. After that, we'll be jumping right back in to finish up with Collusion! It's not too late to get the game and all unlocked stretch goals through our Pledge Manager!