Project Status Report

Here's a look at where our upcoming projects are! If you're looking forward to something pre-ordered or waiting on something from Kickstarter, this is the place to check!


Professor Treasure's Secret Sky Castle

Status: Production/Digital Proofs

Estimated Delivery: April 2018

White proofs for this game will be reviewed as they come in. After this, physical proofs will be approved, then printing will begin.


BattleCON: Devastation Remastered

Status: Development

Kickstarter Launch: Summer 2018

Rebalancing is just about finished up for Devastation Remastered Edition. A formal announcement of the game's contents and tiers is coming soon!


BattleCON Online

Status: Internal Alpha v0.10

Estimated Delivery: Summer 2018

With our latest update, we’ve successfully put in 13 characters total so far. We’re working on AI, story mode, and ranked play. With these implemented later, we will be able to release this summer.


EXCEED: Season 2

Status: Freight Shipping

Estimated Delivery: April 2018

We are anticipating production copies of Exceed Season 2 very soon. Watch our blog for previews!


Empyreal: Spells & Steam

Status: Visual Design

Kickstarter Launch: April 2018

From the designer and artist of Argent: the Consortium comes the next chapter in the World of Indines Saga. Immerse yourself in this dynamic, fast-paced rail building adventure, coming to Kickstarter April 2018!


Seventh Cross

Status: Development

Kickstarter Launch: Fall 2018

We're beginning on the artwork and graphic design for Seventh Cross, as well as finalizing the gameplay and fleshing out content. Watch the blog for more news!


Pixel Tactics Online

Status: Closed Alpha

Estimated Delivery: Summer 2018

Pixel Tactics Online is currently in its Alpha state. If you want to follow the progress of this game, sign up for our mailing list!


Temporal Odyssey

Status: Production

Estimated Delivery: April 2018

The factory is now producing Temporal Odyssey. Delivery will be based around how much gets done before and after the Chinese New Year when our factory reopens.


Argent Second Edition

Status: Freight Shipping

Estimated Delivery: April 2018

Argent's production copies have been approved. We are now preparing to send those copies to fulfillment centers around the world. Due to shipping delays, shipping has been delayed until April.


Automata Noir

Status: Freight Shipping

Estimated Delivery: April 2018

Cases of product are currently being packaged to be shipped from overseas to our shipping center in the US. When the product is received at our US fulfillment center, shipping will begin for store pre-orders! Product will be available in distribution and at retail soon after! Due to shipping delays, shipping for pre-orders on this product has been delayed until April.