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A striking and beautiful collection of the art and lore from the World of Indines.


Book delivers in November, 2021

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The Grand Chronicle is the first book of its kind in the board gaming sphere—a gazette that brings together the collective lore of over a decade of games and memorable characters from the World of Indines, plus brand new secrets and insights.

The book features 280 pages of gorgeous illustrations, many created specifically for this volume, as well as a beautiful debossed hard cover, map-imprinted flypage, and premium quality paper.

Grand Chronicle is the definitive history and worldbook for the World of Indines. Whether you're a dedicated collector, you want to dive into the deep lore, or you wish to incorporate this fantastic setting into your own RPG campaigns, the Grand Chronicle is a must-own item for fans of the epic Indines series.

We are offering the Grand Chronicle and our other art books for pre-order via Pledge Manager. You can follow this link to pre-order the book and have it delivered to you in the Fall of 2021.

What's in the Book?

The Grand Chronicle is divided into 15 chapters, with each chapter focusing on a major plot from the World of Indines, arranged in chronological order. Each chapter is filled with side notes and articles which bring the world to life.

Chapters are designed to match the tone of their stories—some are sprawling epic histories, while others take the form of in-world documents, book summaries, or even bar reviews!

The content of the Grand Chronicle is authored by series creator D. Brad Talton Jr and loremaster Julian Kuleck, meticulously crafted and collected over the course of two years of continuous writing and illustration.

(These interiors are previews only. Final book layout subject to change.)

The World of Indines is a series of games is linked by a common set of characters, story, themes, developed over many years by Level 99 Games!

You can watch your favorite characters grow and reinvent themselves across a narrative spanning various games such as BattleCON, Empyreal, Argent, and more to come!

About the Project

  • We began working on the Grand Chronicle as part of our successful BattleCON Unleashed Kickstarter. However, the Chronicle quickly became a large project and demanded separate attention. With BattleCON Unleashed now delivered to fans around the world, we are working hard to finish up the Grand Chronicle and deliver it this fall.
  • This is our second large book project, and we are working alongside a domestic USA printer to ensure that we deliver the finest quality to create a keepsake that you can treasure for years to come.
  • We are currently working on the graphic design of the book. Artwork and content are complete, though some editorial work still remains.
  • We anticipate production to begin in summer, and the final book to arrive for shipment in Fall of 2021.

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