Bullet Orange Box Design
Sakura Arms by Level 99 Games and Bakafire Party

Bullet🍊 unleashes 4 new heroines from famous Orange Juice SHMUPs!

This expansion requires Bullet♥︎.

Pre-Order ships August 2021

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Estimated delivery date: August 2021. 

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Bullet🍊 is a new expansion for Bullet♥︎. Bullet🍊 brings 4 new heroines to the game, and represents the first tabletop appearance of famous characters from the Orange Juice franchise, with characters from top-rated Orange Juice titles Sora, Flying Red Barrel, SUGURI, and QP Shooting - Dangerous!! all making appearances in the new game.
This expansion requires Bullet♥︎ to play (sold separately).
© 2020 OrangeJuice, Fruitbat Factory, and Level 99 Games

1–4 Players15mLight IntensityAges 13+

Just Keep Shooting!

Four new heroines from Orange Juice shoot-em-up video games arrive on the scene! Fight with speed, weapons, airplanes, and... bunnies?! Battle against each other or cooperate against a heroine's powerful boss form!

Bullet🍊 is currently scheduled to ship in July 2021.

The Cast

Key Features

  • Four new heroines with dynamic abilities that change everything!
  • Play as Sora and Suguri from the SUGURI series, Marc from Flying Red Barrel, or QP from QP Shooting.
  • Play competitively or join forces to take down a powerful boss in co-op mode!
  • Expansion Only. Requires Bullet♥︎ to play.


  • Game Box
  • 40 Pattern cards for Heroines (Standard US size).
  • 20 Boss Pattern cards (Standard US size).
  • 6 Double-sided Boss/Heroine Ability Boards.
  • 4 Double-sided Boss/Heroine Action Boards.
  • 4 Heroine profiles with art prints on reverse.
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