The Fall 2018 Season is Active from July 1st - December 30th, 2018

Let's get Started with Organized Play

Welcome to Level 99 Organized Play! Play in local and online gaming events to earn points and win prizes at the end of a season. To get started, you will first need to register an account at our organized and online play portal:



In your BattleConnection account, click 'Organized Play' to find your PIN. You may use one of these print outs to keep your handy in your wallet! You will need your PIN to earn organized play rewards.




Completing this form will convert your account into an organizer account. You will be emailed after your account is converted. Your email will be added to an Organizer email list.


Organize an event with your friends and start playing! If you would like to find an event,check out our Facebook page for events listed by other players looking for games. You can also join official Level 99 Games' events at conventions we attend.

Download packages here for both casual and competitive events. Packages includes rules and instructions on how to run an event as smoothly as possible! You can also submit the event to be shared on Level 99 social media!

Event Types


Casual Event

Casual events are organized by players. These are NOT tournaments and just gatherings to play your favorite Level 99 Games events. Earn points for showing up and documenting how many games you played with other players. These casual events can be played through any medium (physical or online).


Organized Tournaments

These tournaments are organized by players. A tournament is a series of competitive games between a number or competitors with clear winners and losers of that tournament. You can earn a ton of points for just participating. Earn even more points based on how far you advanced in the tournament. The larger the tournament, the larger the win bonus. Tournaments can be organized and played through any medium (physical or online).


Level 99 Official events

These tournaments are officially organized by Level 99 Games. They are held at conventions and are open to the public. Earn massive points for just participating and earn even more for placing well! These events are always physical in person tournaments.


Quests for the rest of the season will be uploaded at the end of July. Thank you for your patience!


Previous Season Information

9/5/2018: Organized play Spring 2018 Prizes have finished shipping! If you did not receive your prizes, please message us on our contact form.

Organized Play Changes from Spring 2018

  • 7/8/2018: BattleCON Ban-list updated to match previous season. Tournament Points wording changed for clarity.

  • Temporal Odyssey is now part of Organized Play. Earn points from games and get new Temporal Odyssey prizes!

  • Quests are now combined with casual events. Make your event public to gain points for Quests!

  • Participation Tier has been removed. Point scaling has been dramatically changed.

  • New player cards have been added. Print at home and document your pin.

  • Official Level 99 Games events are now planned and worth additional points.

If you would like to feedback on the Level 99 Games Organized Play program, please use the button above!