Will you catch a Killer, or wind up dead?

NOIR is a social deduction game for 2-9 players that puts you in the middle of a desperate manhunt to find a killer. It’s quick and easy to play, ideal for all ages. Whether you're a veteran gamer or a new player, you'll find plenty to love in this murder-mystery caper!


Easy to learn

NOIR is quick to learn and play for all ages. It's the perfect game to play over a cup of coffee at the local diner, while discussing your latest case.


Many ways to play

Once you learn the basic 'Killer vs. Inspector' game, take on more advanced games like Mafia, Heist, Master Thief, and Hitman, each with their own twists, and all playable from the same basic deck.


Stylish & Portable

NOIR features stylish portrait arts by Fábio Fontes, capturing the game's Film Noir aesthetic and tying together the theme. The small, portable box makes it easy to bring NOIR anywhere and play anytime.