D. Brad Talton Jr.

Lead Designer & President


Joshua Van Laningham

Support, Service, and Production


Chad Hantak

Programming Team Lead

Studio Partners

Cardboard Fortress Games

Creators of RESISTOR_

Most Mondays Games

Creators of Dragon Punch

Chocolate Pi Games

Creators of Witch Hunt



Fábio Fontes

Lead Artist for Millennium Blades, SellswordsPixel Tactics, and Pixel Tactics Online


Eunice Tiu

Lead Artist for BattleCON, Argent, and Empyreal

Ian Olympia "Wickedalucard"

Lead Artist for Seventh Cross


Mosh Yong

Lead Artist for Tomb Trader

Supplemental Artist for BattleCON Online

Karl Fan

Lead Artist for Esper X

Phill Simpson

Lead Artist for Variant Souls


Stephanie Fargo

Lead Artist for Anansi and the Box of Stories



Trey Chambers

Designer of Argent and Empyreal

Cliff Kamarga

Designer of Sellswords

Ken Maher

Designer of Anansi and the Box of Stories


Asher Stuhlman

Designer of Tomb Trader


Video Game Developers

Reagan McClellan

System Developer of BattleCON Online

Cameron Znojemsky

Developer of Pixel Tactics

Jacob Peltola

Visual Developer of BattleCON Online