Choose the right move

There's a right moment for each attack, and finding that critical opening is key to winning the day.


Unleash explosive supers

Build up gauge to unlock your most powerful moves, then let loose with attacks that will turn the tables on your opponent.


exceed the limit

Utilize Exceed Mode to unlock your character's full power and gain access to new strategic advantages! 

Exceed quick-start tutorial


Critical Acclaim

...with its nail-biting card play, excellent hand management, and multiple uses for each card, I can’t help but be stoked to see what Level 99 does with this one.
— Dan Thurot, Space Biff
There is definitely critical acclaim for this game... I enjoyed the lighter, faster aspect... it was a very brutal slugfest.
— James Smith, How to be a Nerd Podcast
I really liked it... makes me feel like I’m in a classic fighting game!
— Sen Foong Lim, Meeple Syrup