Pixel Tactics Legends


Players: 2
Age: 12+
Intensity: High
Designed by: D. Brad Talton Jr.
Illustrated by: Fábio Fontes

Classic Heroes Return to fight again! Step back into the Golden Age of Strategy Card Games with Pixel Tactics. Recruit your heroes, build your unit, and take your forces to battle against your opponent in a light-yet-deep tactical duel! The cards in this box were previously published as 3 separate minipaks: Seven Sisters, Price of Victory, and Argent University! Get updated versions of these cards together in one box!

About Pixel Tactics Deluxe
Pixel Tactics Legends of the 7th game in a long running series. All Pixel Tactics products are playable stand alone but can be combined with other Pixel Tactics products to create a new experience. Pixel Tactics Deluxe is the premiere storage solution fitting all products inside of it neatly.

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Web-site Release: August 2019
Webstore Link: https://www.level99games.com/shop?category=Pixel+Tactics
Retail Release: August 2019


A How to play Video for Pixel Tactics

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