Episode 8

New Level Cap Podcast: Episode 8 | Playtesting

New Level Cap Podcast: Episode 8 | Playtesting

Episode 8 (Recorded on Feb 21)

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Marco and Brad bring on special guest John Brieger to talk about playtesting and certain practices you should consider when doing it!

  1. Invitation - Getting the right testers and considering your target audience is important.

  2. Direction - As the moderator, it is important that you’re testing with a purpose in mind.

  3. Reception - Understand that your players always give you good feedback. Just don’t take it at face value. Learn how to dissect it and get to the core issues.

  4. Iteration - Playtesting is about doing things again and again. However, remember that big sweeping changes aren’t the only way to iterate. Small changes matter, too!

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