Episode 7

New Level Cap Podcast: Episode 7 | Game Difficulty

New Level Cap Podcast: Episode 7 | Game Difficulty

Episode 7 (Recorded on Feb 8)

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“Game Difficulty”


Ore no turn! Marco goes full Yu-Gi-Oh while Brad breaks the embargo on Dark Souls and Kingdom Hearts in order to talk about game difficulty. How do you adjust difficulty in your games? Listen to find out!

  1. All games will have difficulty in them, to varying degrees. Whether we choose to manipulate and consider it in our designs is up to us. Hint: You probably should.

  2. There are 3 “common” kinds of difficulty: Number Difficulty, Skill Difficulty, and Route Difficulty. Implementing them correctly is important as they could easily lead to frustration.

  3. Your game’s difficulty can be looked at in two ways: are players mean to bump against the difficulty or to ride with it? That is to say: is it Dark Souls or Kingdom Hearts?

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