New Level Cap Podcast - Episode 37 | Kickstarter Fatigue

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Episode 37 (Recorded on September 17)

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“Kickstarter Fatigue”


Brad and Marco talk about the process of getting a game to Kickstarter. They also focus on Kickstarter Fatigue. Why do people feel this? What are the pitfalls that often lead to developers and customers feeling this way? Watch this episode to find out!

  1. Getting games to Kickstarter is all about processes and Level 99 Games has its own process.

  2. Kickstarter has been a positive influence to the boardgame space, letting creators make passion projects that might not have seen the light of day.

  3. However, sometimes, creators get ahead of themselves and keep making projects without first finishing a previous project, which can easily lead to customer fatigue.

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Music provided by Wesley Slover