New Level Cap Podcast - Episode 35 | Role-Playing Games

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Episode 35 (Recorded on September 3)

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“Role-Playing Games”


Marco and Brad take on the roles of podcast hosts who talk about RPGs. Whether it be rocket-propelled grenades, or Rated PG, these hosts are gonna roll some 20's and hopefully crit their way to proper explanations!

  1. The term RPG has evolved to mean many things over the past few years, but for this podcast, let's talk about narrative/story-focused games that one can play with their friends, often using nothing more than pen, paper, and their imaginations.

  2. Rather than classifying games based on their core resolution mechanic, it's probably better to talk about them in terms of their focus. Is it combat, story-telling or something else entirely?

  3. Brad talks about Mystic Empyrean, an RPG from Level 99 Games where the main focus is crafting; be that the world or your characters!

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Music provided by Wesley Slover