New Level Cap Podcast - Episode 28 | Reads VS Logic

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Episode 28 (Recorded on July 17)

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“Reads VS Logic”


Brad and Marco discuss the concepts of reading and logic in the context of fighting games, especially our games: EXCEED and BattleCON. Is one better than the other? Listen to this episode and find out!

  1. Reads-based players are often characterized by playing moves after guessing what the opponent’s move is. The point is that they play on mix-ups and capitalize on opponents being predictable.

  2. Logic-based players don’t have time for those things. They play the best card in the correct situation. They tend to like overly safe moves and “punish” people for not playing “optimally.”

  3. It’s an understanding of your player and your game. Reads VS Logic might not be the paradigms your game revolves around, but the mere identification of the paradigms in your game is important.

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