New Level Cap Podcast - Episode 27 | Empyreal Discussion

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Episode 27 (Recorded on July 10)

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“Empyreal Discussion”


Marco and Brad bring on Trey, designer of Empyreal, to talk about the game's current status and when it's shipping. Listen to this episode for fun, weird board game pitches, and Marco constantly calling people the wrong name!

  1. Empyreal's factory proof came in and it looks great. You can watch Brad and Trey unpack it here:

  2. Empyreal should be hitting your doorstep by October, based on our estimates.

  3. There were some decently major gameplay changes made to Empyreal in the last update (such as preventing you from building your 3rd row until the 2nd row is finished). These were done to facilitate a better and more fun game experience.

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