New Level Cap Podcast - Episode 26 | Lore Mailbag

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Episode 26 (Recorded on July 2)

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“Lore Mailbag”


Marco brings in lore master Julian to answer some of your hot-baked lore questions! We discuss the "core principles" of the World of Indines and get to the hard-hitting questions such as "Who would win in a fight between Greyheart, Malephaise, or Batman with infinite prep time?"

  1. As a world, Indines tends to bring focus on a character's individuality. Each character is unique and has their own stories to tell.

  2. In line with this, Indines also highlights that one's alignment or virtue is a choice one makes. There's no such thing as an "evil" race. Individuals are good or bad based on their actions. Everyone can be redeemed, but everyone can fall, too!

  3. This brings us to the last point. Characters aren't static. They evolve and change, much like real people do. The annoying snot-nosed bratty character in one game could easily be the "wise sage" a few games down the line.

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