New Level Cap Podcast - Episode 25 | Development Burnout

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Episode 25 (Recorded on June 25)

OFFICIAL Newsletter:

“Development Burnout”


Marco and Brad answer a listener question about burnout. What is burnout and how is it "plaguing" our modern world today? How does it apply to the work of game development? What are the things we can do to help deal with and avoid it? All these and more on this episode!

  1. Burnout is something that anyone who has worked will understand. Frustrations and stress build up to the point where you no longer feel like continuing.

  2. In our work, this often comes during the development phase, where a lot of work is put into constant iteration and the testing of said iterations.

  3. Ultimately, it's important to remember that work, even game-related, isn't all there is to life. A balanced, healthy lifestyle can help avoid burnout. However, should you actually need help dealing with it, there is absolutely no shame in seeking help from a medical professional.

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