New Level Cap Podcast - Episode 21 | BattleCON Rules Talk

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Episode 21 (Recorded on May 28)

OFFICIAL Newsletter:

“BattleCON Rules Talk”


Brad and Marco give you a sneak peek into the things we're doing for BattleCON Unleashed. This includes exciting fixes and clarifications to the rules and graphic design of the game. Plus, listen to find out how trying to create the "final" version of a game can be challenging, but rewarding!

  1. Given that this is a good chance for us to do so, we're doing a wording and templating pass across most, if not all, BattleCON's cards.

  2. The goal of these changes are mostly to improve the game's clarity and consistency. We want you to not have to wonder about how an effect resolves, so that you can get back to playing ASAP.

  3. We're standardized a lot of the wording and have included new Keywords that are just more intuitive. For example, "move directly" is now called "Teleport", easily conveying the type of movement it actually is!

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Music provided by Wesley Slover