New Level Cap Podcast - Episode 20 | BattleCON Lore Development

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Episode 20 (Recorded on May 22)

OFFICIAL Newsletter:

“BattleCON Lore Development”


Marco brings in lore extraordinaire, Julian, to talk about the importance of stories in games as well as the challenges behind bringing the lore of BattleCON together. Ever wondered who'd make a great buddy cop duo? How about the nature of jeans in Indines? Listen to find out!

  1. Story can provide context, reward, and investment in a game. Making sure you have an interesting and engaging story is key to getting players into your game.

  2. BattleCON Unleashed and the grand chronicle have led to the need for the scattered Indines lore to finally be collected. There's a lot of things, and not everything will "make the cut" so to speak.

  3. There's a lot of things we never expected or even realized, including small tidbits like a large number of our characters being actually fan-made!

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Music provided by Wesley Slover