New Level Cap Podcast - Episode 18 | BattleCON Balance

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Episode 18 (Recorded on May 8)

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“BattleCON Balance”


Marco enlists the help of lead balancer Daniel to talk about balancing BattleCON. What is our goal when adjusting a character? Is it important that they're all S tier tournament viable? What do we usually look at when balancing? Find out the answers in this episode!

  1. The goal of balance is to make everyone viable; not exactly tournament viable. Some match-ups may be 40-60's or 30-70's, but your player skill can still influence the final outcome.

  2. Generally, BattleCON balance falls in the middle of "have a kit that can deal with anything" and "have a kit that emphasizes your strong gimmick."

  3. Characters like Kaitlyn, Arec, and Ottavia have been fixed and are looking balanced, while certain characters like Sagas continue to present a problem in terms of balance and clarity.

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Music provided by Wesley Slover