New Level Cap Podcast - Episode 17 | Delivering Experiences

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Episode 17 (Recorded on April 30)

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Branching Paths (Seventh Cross Narrative Episode):

“Delivering Experiences”


Your good good design boys, Brad and Marco, talk about crafting and delivering a good gaming experience. How important is it to a successful game? Is trying to provide the widest experience the best way to go? Find out by listening to this episode!

  1. The experience IS the game. If you do not nail it down just right, it will be hard to say that you've made a good game.

  2. Be focused. Understand the experience you want to provide and trim anything that doesn't contribute to it.

  3. In the end, remember the following: it's about providing the experience; not an emulation. You create a game that gives people the joy of playing Dark Souls. You don't make a game that tries to exactly replicate every piece of minutia that Dark Souls has.

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