New Level Cap Podcast - Episode 16 | Branding & Licensing

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Episode 16 (Recorded on April 23)

OFFICIAL Newsletter:

“Branding & Licensing”


Brad and Marco talk about creating a good Brand that you can feel good about Licensing to others. Learn all about how a good, consistent set of guidelines can ensure that your IP remains faithful to its source material. All this and MORE in this episode!

  1. A good IP starts with something cool that "explodes" into something that fans love and want to make part of their lives.

  2. A solid and consistent set of guidelines means that you don't lose sight of the image you want to be associate with your brand. It also means that merchandisers and the people you license to will keep your image intact.

  3. Licensing your IP means that you're extending your reach. Needless to say, make sure you license to partners that make sense. Mortal Kombat featuring Elsa from Frozen wouldn't make anyone particularly happy outside of the laugh you'll have from the sheer absurdity.

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Music provided by Wesley Slover